About TerraMax

Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance productivity and benefit producers, consumers and the environment.

TerraMax’s family of products relies chiefly on the powerful bacteria Azospirillum. TerraMax sustainable microbial bio-stimulants are applied either as a powder or a liquid to seeds, crops, lawns and turf to naturally promote plant growth by capturing nitrogen.

Why Azospirillum?

Azospirillum is a naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting microbe (bacterium) that works as a nitrogen fixer — harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to root systems. However, it wasn’t until TerraMax developed an industry-first microbial bio-stimulant to keep the bacteria viable and stable,  that the growing community really discovered what this bacteria could do.

Azospirillum is scientifically proven to improve root structure year after year — creating plants that can stand up to changing weather conditions and other challenges faced by growers. Whether it’s greener, hardier turf or increased crop yields, Azospirillum is proven to work.

In addition to Azospirillum, some of our products contain Bradyrhizobium, which is also a naturally occurring soil bacteria. Bradyrhizobium also acts as a nitrogen fixer.


Meet the TerraMax Team

Doug Kremer, CEO of TerraMax, has worked in plant sciences for more than 30 years in various capacities, both agricultural and horticultural. He began TerraMax as a platform to bring effective and economical microbial delivery to the agricultural and turf markets. His imaginative, solution-based product research and development has led to many unique solutions designed specifically to meet end-user needs while answering global concerns about the uses of petrochemical-based products.

Tom Proepper, Chief Operating Officer, oversees all sales, production and financial operations at TerraMax. With a background in profit and loss management, operations control and marketing, Tom brings a wealth of experience and training to our organization. His experience in organizational dynamics, sales management and selling into large, complex enterprises will bring new opportunities to TerraMax and our customers.

Joshua Doerr, National Sales Manager, oversees all Sales and Marketing at TerraMax.  With 10 years of sales management background, Joshua brings extensive knowledge and experience in training and motivating sales teams along with helping to grow company business and sales, bringing a fresh look to TerraMax and its bright future as we continue to grow.