CAPSOYL® Spray Adjuvant

CAPSOYL® Spray Adjuvant for Agricultural Pest Control

CAPSOYL is made from de-gummed, once refined soybean oil and high-grade emulsifier.This mixture consists of 93% soy oil and 7% emulsifier.

CAPSOYL is a spray adjuvant that combines the activities of several common petroleum and vegetable crop oil carriers. CAPSOYL works as a spreader, sticker, drift reduction agent and penetrant for use with pesticides. CAPSOYL can be used for pre- or post-emergence spraying.

It can be used with nearly all pesticides and applied by most types of spray equipment including aerial applicators. Typical applications with CAPSOYL can reduce the amount of pesticide needed for effective control.


  • Reduced drift, particularly useful in aerial application
  • Protection against UV degradation from sunlight
  • Reduced volatilization and evaporation
  • Better spread of the droplet giving improved contact with leaf
  • Better sticking and reduced wash off
  • Reduces chemical exposure risk during application
  • Better activity, hotter mixes
  • Farmer tested and proven

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