Maximize™ Soybean Inoculant

MAXIMIZE™ Stabilized Inoculant for Soybeans

Stabilized Top Soybean Inoculant 

Maximize™ is a stabilized, low volume liquid Top Soybean Inoculant, designed to be used in conjunction with other seed treatments where a reduced volume of liquid would be beneficial. Maximize Top Soybean Inoculant encourages increased nodulation along root systems while requiring less moisture when initially treating the seed.

Contains high count Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant in TerraMax’s enhanced stabilization formula for maximum growth potential in a lower volume application.


  • – Stabilized formulation for extended survival
  • – Two strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum
  • – 90 day on seed survivability
  • – Improves Nodulation
  • – No extenders needed
  • – Superior adherence

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