MX+4™ Micro-Nutrient Mixture

Micronutrient Mixture for Turf

MX+4 is a micronutrient blend mixed with food-grade products that provides superior biostimulation. MX+4 contains beneficial microorganisms that help degrade chemical residues commonly found around turf maintenance operations. The micronutrient blend provides food for microorganisms and plants.

MX+4 contains microorganisms that will break down lignin and other common plant components. This provides food for other microorganisms in the food chain as well as establishing a better soil environment for growth of microorganisms and plants.


  • Micronutrient fertilization, 0.1% Iron, 0.05% Copper, 0.05% Manganese, and 0.05% Zinc
  • Contains microorganisms to break down residues of pesticides
  • Contains microorganisms to break down chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Contains microorganisms to break down plant residue
  • Helps establish a hardy, productive soil environment

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