Pit and Lagoon Treatments
Scientifically creating a healthier environment.

Add TerraMax to your livestock operation.

MicroPT™ is a special microbial pit treatment developed to break down solid buildups in pits and lagoons. MicroPT™ pit treatment contains beneficial bacteria that aid in the digestion and liquefaction of animal waste solids — stimulating the environment for better aerobic activity.

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Reduce odor, crusting, and ammonia in your waste.

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What does our pit treatment do?

The bacteria in MicroPT reduces ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methane by enhancing the process of breaking down solid refuse. Our bacteria reduce the odors and create an overall healthier environment for both animals and humans.

  • Establishes desired bacteria in pits or lagoons and helps establish an environment to maintain them
  • Liquefies solid waste for ease in pumping
  • Reduces nitrogen and lowers ammonia content in waste
  • Reduces odor-causing compounds and crusting

Our microorganisms maintain the health of your pit or lagoon.

Find out how our Pit and Lagoon Treatments can create a healthier environment.

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