November 7, 2019

Frances Gilman Named New Research Director at TerraMax

Gilman brings hands-on microbiology research and leadership experience to the TerraMax team.

Eagan, Minn. (10/22/2019)- Frances Gilman, former Senior Vice President at Socati Montana, is joining the TerraMax team as the new Research Director. Dr. Gilman, who holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from The University of Montana, has further experience in fermentation and microbiology across the environmental and food industries. Additionally, she played a key role in the acquisition of Blue Marble Biomaterials to Socati, and is ready to lead the research team at TerraMax.

“I believe that fermentation and the study of microbiomes hold great potential in providing unique products and solutions to a variety of industries in many different facets.” Dr. Gilman said in a personal statement. “ I’m extremely excited about a new position that will allow me to both work with a team but will also allow me to get back to my microbial roots. I’m thrilled to become a member of the TerraMax team.”

Dr. Frances Gilman brings industry respect as well as her technical prowess. For example, multiple large industry and academic events have invited her to speak on her research. She was awarded the Kroger Zero Hunger Zero Waste Open Grant in 2018. Additionally, Dr. Gilman spent time conducting research as a visiting scientist in Denmark and Greenland. Further, Dr. Gilman has published research in the areas of bio-based ingredients, microbial responses to climate change, and host-microbe interactions. Dr. Gilman originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisc., and is excited to return to the Midwest to be closer to her family. She enjoys spending time in nature and eating good food, and is additionally excited to explore the Twin Cities area.

About TerraMax

TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance crops and benefit producers, consumers and the environment. Founded in 1998 by two scientists to innovate the agricultural landscape, TerraMax creates and distributes products using Azospirillum, a bacteria, to improve the root structure, appearance, and health of plants. This increases crop yields and reduces the use of petrochemical and mined fertilizers. Contact us today!