TAZO®-B Microbial Bio-Stimulant

TAZO®-B Microbial Bio-Stimulant

Introduce TAZO®-B root growth stimulator to your turf maintenance operation. The active ingredient in TAZO®-B is Azospirillum, a naturally-occurring bacteria to increase root mass.

TerraMax’s TAZO®-B is a liquid broadcast application that can be applied to the turf by spraying it in a tank sprayer or with a hose end sprayer.

Once applied and watered in, TAZO®-B root growth stimulator travels to the roots and starts to work immediately.

Additionally, TAZO®-B will not run-off once watered in and cause groundwater contamination — a concern found in common fertilizer products.

  • Fixes nitrogen
  • Stimulates rooting
  • Increases growth
  • Increase stress tolerance
  • Prevents turf burning
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