TAZO®-B Microbial Bio-stimulant

TAZO®-B Liquid Root Growth Stimulator for Turf

Introduce TAZO®-B root growth stimulator to your turf maintenance operation. The active ingredient in TAZO®-B  is Azospirillum, a naturally-occurring bacteria found in most soils. Through university studies and independent tests, Azosprillum — especially our proprietary formulation — has been proven to increase root mass.

What makes us different? TerraMax’s TAZO®-B is a liquid broadcast application that brings “ease of use” for the user. For larger applications, it can be applied to the turf by spraying it in a tank sprayer or with a hose end sprayer.

Once applied and watered in, TAZO®-B  root growth stimulator travels to the roots and starts to work immediately. This application eliminates the appearance of common granular products, and helps reassure those who use your turf to feel secure in walking and playing on recently treated turf.

Additionally, TAZO®-B will not run-off once watered in and cause groundwater contamination — a concern found in common fertilizer products.

What TAZO-B can do

  • Fixes nitrogen
  • Stimulates rooting
  • Increases growth
  • Increase stress tolerance
  • Does not burn turf

Give TAZO-B a try today.

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