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Soil is metabolically active and in a constant state of flux, changing with the climate, vegetation, and environment. Plants and animals respond to these changes and, in doing so, can change the basic characteristics of the soil.

Research on Azospirillum has shown positive effects on non-leguminous crops. Acting as a nitrogen fixer, Azospirillum harvests nitrogen from the air and soil and delivers it to the plant. While most microbial inoculants are applied to improve plant nutrition, Azospirillum has yielded favorable results in improving root structure year over year.

When stabilized in appropriate concentrations, Azospirillium can positively impact plant growth. Specifically, it takes nitrogen from the air and converts it to forms of nitrogen ingestible by the plant.


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Increased Corn

Crop Yields

In both field trials and university tests of corn over the last three years, treatments of TerraMax sustainable products have been proven to produce higher corn crop yields over untreated fields.
  • \All testing was compiled by third party companies, spanning 6 states, 33 locations and 157 reps.
  • \In addition, TerraMax observed no compatibility issues when testing our products with conventional seed treatments and starter fertilizers.
  • \15 years of “net positive” results providing a true nitrogen supplement to corn growers across America.

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