Dear Customer and Friend,

Moving forward with the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 virus, we at TerraMax Inc. want to communicate how we will support all our customers during this crisis. 

First, we want you to know that we are open and operating, we have adequate inventories and are prepared to maintain “business as usual”.  We are taking every precaution to assure that our employees are safe, and their families are able to adjust to this new state of normal.

Our transportation suppliers have assured us they are doing everything to ensure we will meet our customer needs for service.

Our account managers have been instructed to contact any customers before attempting any visits so that they have approval before making any trips.  They will of course not make any visits if anyone in their household become sick in any way.

TerraMax has instructed all our employees to follow the prescribed cautions of frequent hand washing and cleansing of all surfaces after use.  We have contingency plans for key personnel and are proactively managing priorities to keep our employee and customer needs met.

Please continue to contact your account manager to place any orders via phone, email or text.  You can also reach someone at the TerraMax office Monday-Friday 8-5 pm. 

We will continue to update you on any COVID-19 details as they become necessary, and as always, thank you very much for your continued business. 

Stay safe and healthy,

The TerraMax Team!


Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax’s family of microbial inoculant products are applied to seeds, crops, lawns, and turf to naturally promote plant growth.

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