Scientifically creating a healthier environment.

Find out how our Pit and Lagoon Treatments can create a healthier environment.

Add TerraMax to your

livestock operation.

MicroPT™ is a special microbial pit treatment developed to break down solid buildups in pits and lagoons. MicroPT™ pit treatment contains beneficial bacteria that aid in the digestion and liquefaction of animal waste solids — stimulating the environment for better aerobic activity.

Reduce odor, crusting, and ammonia in your waste.

What does our

pit treatment do?

  • \Establishes desired bacteria in pits or lagoons and helps establish an environment to maintain them
  • \Liquefies solid waste for ease in pumping
  • \Reduces nitrogen and lowers ammonia content in waste
  • \Reduces odor-causing compounds and crusting

Our microorganisms maintain the health of your pit or lagoon.

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