TAZO®-ST Seed Treatment for Turf

TAZO®-ST Dry Seed Treatment for Turf

Introduce TAZO®-ST Dry and Liquid turf feed to your turf maintenance operation. The active ingredient in TAZO®-ST is Azospirillum, a naturally-occurring bacteria found in most soils and proven effective in university studies and independent tests for turf management.

What makes us different? TAZO®-ST Dry and Liquid turf feed is an easy method of applying stabilized Azospirillum bacteria to the seed before planting it in the soil. The bacteria adheres to the seed coat and is available and viable at the time of planting.

Once the treated seed is planted, the roots and the bacteria unite to create a dynamic interaction, and the bacteria starts fixing atmospheric nitrogen for the plant. The bacteria exude compounds that stimulate root growth. This creates even more attachment sites for the bacteria, producing a win-win situation for its users. These functions allow the plant to better utilize the available soil nutrients and acquire nitrogen from sources other than the applied elemental nitrogen.

Add TAZO®-ST to your turf today.

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