Azospirillum Overview

Increased Corn Crop Yields

In field trials of corn over the last three years, powdered sustainable treatments of the bacteria have helped boost yields by more than 4 bushels per acre over untreated checks. In both field and university tests, TerraMax sustainable products are proven to produce higher corn crop yields over untreated fields:

  • Field trials in South Dakota showed a 12.2 bushel per acre gain in yields over an untreated control field: 181.6 bushels versus 169.4 bushels.
  • Studies at Colorado State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showed yield increases from 5 to 15 bushels per acre.
  • In addition, TerraMax tested Azospirillum with several conventional seed treatments and have not observed any compatibility problems.

Improved Wheat Production

As a proprietary formulation of the bacteria Azosprillum, university testing has also shown increased yield for wheat. Conclusions include:

  • MicroAZ™ has been tested in multi-year farmer-managed field tests, showing a consistent 5 to 10 bushel per acre yield increase. In spring field testing, MicroAZ  improved stand and plant account by 40 to 80%, resulting in an average yield increase of 5 bushels per acre.
  • Additionally, protein levels in Hard Red Spring wheat were improved by an average of 1%.
  • Detailed field results are available upon request.

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