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Nitrogen-fixing microbes for higher yields and sustainable soils

Harvesting Nitrogen Naturally

Regenerative soil solutions

TerraMax makes products providing nitrogen and nutrients to your crops simple and natural. Our lines of Azospirillum-based and rhizobia-based products, and our additional microbial products help your plant’s root systems effectively pull nitrogen from the air and access nutrients from the soil to promote plant growth, providing you with higher crop yields, more robust root systems and healthier plants.

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From our humble beginnings working out of a garage in Minnesota over 20 years ago to a company that ships our products around the world, we’ve remained committed to the idea that improving natural processes through research is how we can best serve the farmers and growers that feed our communities and the country.




Our priority is creating products that fit into our customers’ current farming practices. There’s no need to change the way you farm to reap the benefits of our soil inoculants. From row crop agriculture to specialty markets, TerraMax delivers proven benefits and ease of use.

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By providing the best care for our soil now,

we’re laying the groundwork for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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nitrogen fixation

At TerraMax, we’ve revolutionized the use of microbes to make it easier for plants to access nitrogen, and easier for growers to use. Our scientists have created an industry-first formula that keeps its effectiveness for two years on the shelf. With our products, you know exactly what you’re getting. We’ve isolated the most effective species of microbes that will survive long-term in our proprietary stabilization solution.

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soil health is

the real deal
For decades, our scientists have dedicated themselves to perfecting the use of microbes in agriculture. We’ve known for generations that microorganisms can support our crops. However, research has proved that only a few microorganisms are reliable when you package them and put them on the market. That is why research is at the core of everything we do at TerraMax.
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We believe in solving today’s problems and rising to the challenges of producing food in a changing world. For organic farmers, we’ve formulated our products to meet NOP certifications. Each product is sustainably grown, and will increase your yield of organic crops by providing hardy, nutrient-rich soil.



TerraMax products aren’t just for farmers. We make microbial inoculants for lawns and turf, to support the health of grass that gets a lot of use, and to support your management practices. Our turf products improve the root structure of your plants, provide natural nitrogen fixation, and make your turf and soil healthier by providing essential microbes, and increasing your soil’s ability to absorb water.

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