Increase your yield with industry first nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Find out how TerraMax Corn Inoculants can enrich your soil for increased production.

Science is our


TerraMax’s Micro AZ product line is an affordable microbial product with shelf stability, on seed compatibility, and a demonstrated ROI for growers.

Research has identified that microorganisms can do everything from controlling insects to stimulating plant growth.

However, relatively few microorganisms have been proven to be reliable and functional products for the market, and the cost of final product, storage, inconsistent performance and shelf life are key factors in the lack of commercialization of these organisms.


Scientifically proven products that produce a healthier, more profitable corn crop.

Accessible and


Accessibility and functionality is what drove the experts at TerraMax to develop an Azospirillum corn inoculant. In following this drive, our company has been able to extend the shelf life of our Azospirillum product to an average of 18 to 24 months.

Scientifically proven inoculant products enrich your soil for corn production — creating a healthier, more profitable corn crop.

  • \Extended shelf life up to 24 months
  • \Available in both powder and liquid forms
  • \Proven to increase bushels per acre and ROI

Available in planter box treatments or liquid form.

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