April 12, 2019

MicroAZ-ST Dry –The Best Corn Seed Inoculant

What Is MicroAZ-ST Dry?

TerraMax produces the best inoculants on the market. MicroAZ-ST Dry was designed to stimulate germination and rooting and all of the microorganisms are naturally occurring.

What’s The Secret “Ingredient?”

TerraMax is transparent when it comes to our microbial technology. Azospirillum is the key to not only this product but our company’s success. This unique microbe helps promote plant growth and functions as a nitrogen fixer—this means it helps harvest nitrogen from the air and soil and delivers it to the root systems. Year after year, Azospirillum continues to show positive growth in root structure, which often leads to increased yields for our nation’s farmers.

Benefits of MicroAZ-ST Dry

Here are some critical benefits:

  1. Two Strains of Azospirillum– MicroAZ-ST Dry doubles down and provides its users with two different strains for optimal root growth and effectiveness.
  2. Dry -The farming community knows the importance of dry products early in the year. This formula fits that necessity.
  3. Improves Plant Growth – MicroAZ-ST Dry increases plant growth year after year.
  4. Increases Yield- Arguably the most important benefit, MicroAZ-ST Dry increases your yield. Our goal has always been to help our nation’s hardest working individuals achieve the maximum return on every field. Our products are proven to increase yields so you can count on higher returns each year.
  5. Stimulates Rooting, Plant Stand and Mass- Stronger roots, plants and an increase in mass all contribute to plant durability and longevity. Fields treated with MircoAZ-ST Dry are proven to last longer, withstand natures fiercest elements, and deliver higher yields.

TerraMax Approach

We conducted decades of research and used our experience to create our products. We used this process to perfect our products over the last 20 years. At TerraMax, we want to make sure we deliver a superior product while still focusing on using the tools nature has given us.

If you want to learn more about TerraMax’s MicroAZ-ST Dry or any other products, visit: terramaxag.com/product/microaz-st-dry-for-corn/ or call 952-657-5592.