MicroAZ-IF Liquid™

MicroAZ-IF Liquid™ In-Furrow Treatment for Corn

MicroAZ-IF is an in-furrow inoculant for corn that contains the stabilized bacteria Azospirillum. It’s easy to use and can be tank mixed with starter fertilizers.

The Azospirillum in MicroAZ-IF harvests and fixes atmospheric nitrogen so that it can be used by the plant; it also exudes plant-like compounds that stimulate root development for improved nutrient uptake and increased yields. Once the planted seed germinates and the roots start to develop, the bacteria attach to the roots and begin to work.

  • Two strains of Azospirillum
  • Improves plant growth
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen
  • Stimulates roots growth
  • Increases yield
MicroAZ-IF Liquid™ In-Furrow Treatment for Corn
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MicroAZ-IF Liquid™
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