How Does Nodulation Help My Soybean Yield?

Feb 17, 2020 | How it works

TerraMax’s industry-first formula promises to stimulate nodulation and increase crop yield. But what is nodulation, and how does the nitrogen-fixing process help your crops produce more? TerraMax takes a look at how nodulation improves nitrogen fixation, and how our products can help your crops be healthier and produce a better yield per acre.

What is Nodulation?

If you were to walk out into a soybean field right now and pull up a plant, roots and all, most likely you would see nodules on its roots. These off-white protrusions are a symbiotic relationship between the plant, the soil and the microbes that create the nodules. Bradyrhizobium japonicum occurs naturally in most soils (the microbe used in Maximize™ Soybean Inoculant and other soybean products). This microbe reacts with the root hairs of a soybean plant, which then swell because of the microbes. This creates the nodules you see. The microbes pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and funnel it to the plant while benefiting from the plant’s photosynthesis.

How Does It Help My Yield?

Nodulation helps your crop yield by increasing nitrogen fixation. Legumes naturally use nitrogen fixation, pulling the gas from the air and into their roots for growth. TerraMax uses an all-natural microbial formula involving Bradyrhizobium japonicum which helps promote nodulation, and consequently Nitrogen fixation.

In layman’s terms, this means that your crops will grow stronger and produce a more plentiful yield. Normal fertilizers can cause problems within local ecosystems. But, because TerraMax’s natural formula utilizes the Nitrogen that already exists the balance of the ecosystem isn’t altered.

Proven Results

It’s easy to talk big, but TerraMax products are backed up by performance. We have been PFR Proven by Beck’s Hybrids Farmer Collaborative Process. What does this mean? It means that consistently over 3 or more years, our products have shown a positive yield increase when testing and that they average a positive return on investment. Those are some powerful numbers. Please ask us to see them.

So if you are ready to take your crop to the next level, switch to TerraMax and see why our industry-first formula with Bradyrhizobium japonicum is making waves. To see all of our products, and to find out where to find our products, contact us at 952-657-5592 or find us at our website: