TerraMax Dry – Soybean Inoculant 101

Apr 26, 2019 | How it works

What Is TerraMax Dry?

TerraMax Dry is a soybean inoculant. This product helps provide nitrogen inoculation, increased stand and improved yield (profits).

Why TerraMax Dry?

Farmers have a lot of options when it comes to fertilizers and inoculants. TerraMax believes increased yields from natural products is always the right choice. TerraMax Dry uses 2 strains of Bradyrhizobium to help improve the growth and production of fields.

Benefits of TerraMax Dry

  1. Fixes Nitrogen- Your crops need nitrogen and this product helps to deliver more of it to your fields and crops
  2. Dry -The farming community knows the importance of dry products early in the year. This formula fits that necessity.
  3. Stabilized – TerraMax has created a formula for superior survival.
  4. Increases Yield- What every farmer cares about most—the yield. Our products have has shown year after year to increase yields and profits.
  5. Increased Stand- The stand of your crops is vital during any rough months or weather.
  6. TerraMax Dry increases the stand of your crops, helping you bring in more at the end of the year.
  7. Extender Built In- Our product provides a 30-day “on seed” stability so there is no need for extenders.
  8. Seed Coverage- It is a non-peat based carrier with great sticking ability to increase seed coverage. The product is also easy to use in a planter box application.

TerraMax Approach

Our products were built on decades of experience and research. TerraMax has spent the last twenty years perfecting every product to ensure it not only delivers results but is derived from the existing tools nature has provided us. We want to provide an alternative to traditional nitrogen-based fertilizers. Growers need to have greener alternatives that are still effective.

If you want to learn more about TerraMax’s MicroAZ-ST Dry or any other of our microbial inoculant products, visit: https://live-terramax.pantheonsite.io/products/micro-az-st-dry/ or call 952-657-5592.