TerraMax Liquid IF – PFR Proven In-Furrow Soybean Inoculant

May 3, 2019 | How it works

What Is TerraMax Liquid-IF?

This amazing product is one of the best soybean inoculants on the market. An in-furrow solution, TerraMax Liquid-IF provides increased yields, growth and return for farmers.

PFR Proven

TerraMax Liquid-IF is PFR Proven—a highly prestigious label that shows yield gains and averages a positive ROI over the course of three years! PFR stands for “Practical Farm Research.” It is a completely unbiased and provides farmers with true results and data so they can maximize their farm and profit. You can learn more about PFR Proven here!

PFR Proven receives a lot of attention in the agriculture community because it shows honest, true results for products. While there are claims of yield increases and other benefits, the PFR Proven accommodation is unbiased and true! Very few products receive the PFR honor and those that do should be seriously considered for use in fields.

Why TerraMax Liquid IF?

Aside from the clear yield results, this formula provides farmers with an easy way to double inoculate their crops.

Benefits of Maximize

  1. Yield -First and foremost the yields are proven to increase from the use of TerraMax Liquid-IF. Years of research and data have shown the effectiveness of this great product.
  2. Ease of Use -It is incredibly easy to use, especially when you are going to double inoculate.
  3. Tank Mix – TerraMax Liquid-IF is one of the easiest ways to inoculate since it can be tank-mixed with most starters.

TerraMax Approach

We conducted decades of research and used our experience to create our products. We used this process to perfect our products over the last 20 years. At TerraMax, we want to make sure we deliver a superior product while still focusing on using the tools nature has given us.

If you want to learn more about TerraMax’s MicroAZ-ST Dry or any other products, visit: https://live-terramax.pantheonsite.io/products/micro-az-st-dry/ or call 952-657-5592.