Celebrating 15 Years Of Microbial Bio-Stimulants

Oct 24, 2018 | News

Innovative agricultural firm celebrates proven track record delivering live microbes to growers, improving crop performance and driving significantly improved yield results. TerraMax is a leading researcher and manufacturer of microbial bio-stimulants. TerraMax is celebrating 15 years as a leader in the development and production of microbial inoculant products. Relying primarily on the bacteria Azospirillum, TerraMax products naturally promote plant growth by stimulating nitrogen fixation. TerraMax was founded in 1998. Backed by years of research, TerraMax was the first in the world to provide a stabilized microbial agriculture product.

“Until our scientists uncovered a formulation that gave Azospirillum a reasonable life, the growing community really didn’t know what these bacteria could do in the field.” Said Doug Kremer, CEO and Founder of TerraMax. “We’ve had independent test services and field trials report gains with an average yield increase of nine bushels per acre. Empirically, growers using TerraMax inoculant products consistently report major increases in yield for soybean, corn and wheat crops.” Kremer added that bacteria in TerraMax products can survive for up to two years.

TerraMax corporate growth since the product launch has been significant. TerraMax is experiencing a 25% increase in sales to farmers as well as expansion into global markets. The company has also expanded its product line into professional turf markets, where demand for sustainable alternatives to nitrogen fertilizers is rapidly growing.

“Growers have been looking for much more natural ways to boost crop yields for a long time, because with more and more knowledge about the impact of nitrogen on the environment, that interest has accelerated,” said Tom Proepper, COO of TerraMax. “TerraMax products represent a true ‘win-win’ in terms of sustainability and performance. Because using bacteria to harvest nitrogen from the air and deliver it to the plant is an inherently natural process. Anything that’s this good for the plant is great for the planet as well.”

About TerraMax

Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax creates and produces natural products that enhance productivity, for instance. Based on nitrogen-fixing bacteria, TerraMax’s microbial bio-stimulants are applied to a variety of crops and plants. Founded in 1998, TerraMax was the first in the industry to develop a formulation that keeps Azospirillum viable and stable. This improved yields and production for farmers across the United States and around the world. For more information, visit TerraMaxAg.com.